on DADT, queer enemies, no room to breath, war is a terrible thing.

 Not every boy


Not every boy wants to kill. Not every girl either.

Not everyone wants to drop gay bombs, No bombs today, we say.

They say Bombs away, bombs away blow them all away.

We say, No bombs not ever! No Bombs Today we say!

Blood on our hands we say NO!

We do not wish to serve in any manner shape or form in the imperialist army of Uncle Scam.

We dream no matter how differently of a new life, a new way, one that has no room for armies of any kind. One that has no pink bombs which kill just as dead as any other color.

pink bomb




A mother gestures in grief as she sits next to the lifeless body of her son killed in the cross fire.  Photo: AP/Mohammed Uraibi



US war crimes.  Aim and target.  US invasion and bombing of Iraq 2003.  37,000 Iraq people not including those fighting in military killed during first seven months of US illegal war.    Photo: www.robert-fisk.com/


The mushroom cloud of the first test of a hydrogen bomb is seen in a 1952 file photo.  The Bush administration is planning to develop a new hydrogen bomb — undermining efforts to stop nuclear proliferation.  March 2, 2007, the US Energy Department announced a contract to develop the US nation first new hydrogen bomb in two decades, involving a collaboration between three national weapons laboratories, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, San Francisco, Los Alamos and Sandia labs, New Mexico.  Teams of scientists in California and New Mexico have been working since last year to develop the new bomb, using the world's most powerful supercomputers.  Pure evil folks.  It doesn't get any clearer than this.  Photo: AP/Alex Brandon


Justify this to me. Tell me that I am wrong in what I am saying. Tell me how can anyone who wishes to build the army to kill is right and those of us who say no are wrong? Tell me and then you had better tell me again. I am queer and don’t believe you when you say that your discrimination is worse than what you are doing to those who you set about to kill and maim. No Mary we are not wrong and we know it. We know it again and again we have known it for years and we will know it to our graves.

Let me tell you those of you who wish to drop bombs, you are not our friend. You are not our people. You are not the friend of the child who holds a picture in this posting. The woman who rends her clothing hates you. Tell her about the discrimination that you face in the imperialist army of your Uncle Scam. Go ahead tell her. If she could she would beat you to death with her hands.

You wish to take on such a responsibility. War is a total failure of the human spirit. Why do you, gay you ,want to run with a pack of beasts? Why do you wish to tear the heart out of someones grandmother? Why do you want to kill? These military beasts hate you, always have and always will. They might, just maybe, kiss up to you if they need more cannon fodder. Is that what you want to be?,More cannon fodder.


Why do you want to attack the homes of people when they are home? When they sleep, when they gather at the table to eat, when they rock their babies, when they make love? And you, your lovers life, live or die decided by a group of the elite that is the real picture. Those that hate you anyway but you suck up to, you love, you want so badly to be their friend, the president, the military brass, the straight folks who hate you and when push comes to shove you will be shoved believe me. You will be shoved right off the cliff. You will be shoved into the fire, you will be shoved and hurt. You will hurt again and again. But your hurt is nothing compared to the hurt you do.

You told me that you can’t get a job. The economy is bad, there are no jobs so you think, “Why not join the military. It is all that is opened to me.” Poor, poor you. So you think that if you can’t find a job that you might as well go and blow up others. Doesn’t make any sense. Your little  no jobie thing is baby talk to the murder and mayhem that you will cause others. Little leftist says, “Its discrimination pure and simple and we must end this discrimination because the United States Military is the largest employee in these beautiful states. What! little leftist go back to school. Are you ready to stand up and go into the military. No most likely not, you will worm your way out with more academic talk. Why then be so ready to stick others in coffins, drapped in red white and blue brought home to a crying mother.

Why do you want to stand with the enemy of the people of the world? That is how folks see America. Enemy of the people and of all the planet that we stand on? Why again we ask you? Do you really think that we should be spending our time, crying and pulling out what little hair we have left beating our breasts and screaming, “Oh those big bad homophobic people won’t let you little gays and lesbians kill out and in the open.” Well, here supporters of all this death is something for you, a nice pink bomb to shove up your ass. Here it comes open wide sesame.

Yes we can be nice. Something just for you. A little fun and games among all of the horror.

Booty call rocket



Sorry boys and girls  we here stand against capitalism and imperialism. We stand against a government that would rather kill than make peace. Sorry folks if we stand in support of anything to do with the military we are standing with one of the enemies of the world. We would then stand in support of turning the guts of folks out from where they should be. Now I will make a bet with you. Let’s say $20.00. We will say that those who are  standing with this enemy would pull out their guns any day and shoot us radical queers dead. Hell they don’t like us anyway. We get in the way of their being straight. In doing what straights do so well that is killing and licking up to the ruling class. They love it we think even though they say, how bad war is, it is a necessary evil. Well the last time I looked no little brown kid did anything to me. To you?

Hell we stand in the way of these straight gays and lesbians of being just like daddy and mommy.  They are convinced that straight folks will like them better if they do what straights do. My lord have they paled their genes. My god how they have grown out in the wrong direction. My goddess what can we do? Let them be. Well that would be okay but here we are talking about them shoving their way into the lives of people, of taking the everything all around and making it theirs. No room to breathe either inside or outside of them.  These our former people, these who had such a promise for the world, that held liberation for us and others in their hands now are face in face with the enemy. We know them and do not like them. We must stand in their way.

Prove to me. Prove to You.

Goosey Bell just said, “Beware of those straights who stand up and are counted as being a supporter of “You’re in the army now.” They just want you to prove. Prove to me that your no sissy fag, no Nancy, Nervous Nelly,  fruitee, Mary or a bowl of shaking jelly. Prove you’re all American, red, white and blue from the tip of your toes to the top of your head all around outside and up in your ass as well. Prove you love apple pie here’s a big one eat it up. Prove you love your Mother. Call her everyday tell her, Mamma, I love you, give her a kiss an if she doesn’t live in the neighborhood call her coast to coast. Prove you can shoot straight as a straight can be and you won’t cry if you hit someone in the face and bits of that face splatter your fatigues. Prove that you won’t take a look at my straight boy dick even if it is the smallest one that you have ever seen and you want to ride it to stimulate your prostrate. Prove that you won’t try to rub my ass, display a erect dick in the shower or drop the soap too often exposing your brown little rose bud for me to see. Prove again and tell us again you are just like us except what you do in bed and don’t do the bed part in the barracks. Prove it, do it,  and then maybe then, you’ll be in the army now, faggot.

There are some of us and we hope we grow who do not, will not stand up and support the building of the imperialist army of the United States or of any state. We will not do the will and the bidding of the masters nor will we join with our enemies and play with them. As Queers we know this and we know this again and again, those amongst us who kiss kiss with the master are our common enemy. There is not one thing civil about the United States Military and once in a person has no rights just what they wish to dish out. We like this quote that Queers Against War says, “Some say that we are not considering the fact that working class and poor LGBT people have a right to join the military service in order to go to college. And I say that if we believe that then we uphold centuries of oppression against poor people in stating that only the wealthy are worthy of educating without being asked to risk their very lives to do so.” Let’s think hard about that.

Just remember in this day and age, in this time who you will be and are fighting for. Tell me again how much you love this creature. This creature like the other creatures of the past in the way.

Gays for Trump

 (Note from furbirdsqueerly) The above photo was added this morning 1/31/2018 as a reminder to folks to consider which side they really are on. Would you fight a war for this creature? Would you go and risk you lives and take the lives of others for this vile man? Oh yes I forgot maybe just maybe he will put his sloppy little finger on the red button and send us all to hell. Like it well I sure as fuck do not.



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