On “gay” Marriage and the Military. Ten essays.

From time to time we have written about two of the causes of some in the “gay” movement. Causes that we feel as not our causes or the causes of most of us who say I am LGBT or Queer. But somewhere along the way the movement for liberation  was hijacked and these, marriage and the right to serve in the military became the cause of the moment. Yes, we know straights will like you better if you’re just like them and please forget the only difference is what you do in bed. Amen.

1. Money Flows to GOP Backers Of Gay Marriage. Fools Come In All Shapes And Sizes.

2. No I don’t Want to Be Like You straight as hell gays, In fact I want nothing to do with you.

3. LGBT Workers and Families of Color On The Low Rung of The Low Wage Economy. 

4. Marriage Also Known As Queer Rage. Check it out.

5. No I won’t take your hand and marry the state. 

6. Don’t Ask To Fight Their Wars.

7. We Die You Get Married. Mattilda Berstein Sycamore.

8. A Short Speech From Arvey Jones. On Ba Ba Sheep. Let’s Think Beyond Straight.

9. Holy Matrimony Batman! Essay by Jerri Marie Liesegang.

10. On DADT, queer enemies, No Room To Breath, War Is A Terrible Thing. 

  1. […] On “gay” Marriage and the Military. Ten essays. […]

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