punkpink is gone gone gone. Long Live punkpink. pinks greatest hits.

Oh yes we knew it had to happen soon or later that punkpink would finally fly the coop, perhaps got eaten by a hawk, driven mad by saints, got holed up really in some junkie den, say goodbye to your pie or just an all around round  fucking give out. Fuck yes there is so much to give out about its a wonder there is anyone left to do all the caring. We at furbirdsqueerly extend our well wishes to punkpinks extended family on the farm in Vermont. We just hope that pink can adapt after so many years of city living. pink told us that he always kept his heart out in the back woods and his self here in the city doing what city folk do so well.  As we say goodbye to punkpink let us remember, be careful of the crumbs that are shaken from the masters table cloth. Those crumbs just may be laced with poison.

Pink has written many an essay for us and we all said, “Hey how come you haven’t put all of these essays together in one place so folks could find them. Yes, do that, call it punkpinks greatest hits. Hits that cause some controversy in their day and some that still call controversy their name. We have only published a small selection of punkpinks essays here and we hope that you will enjoy what we have.

1. punkpink Presents-the flying egghead is back, back, back. You’ll be sorry if you miss this. You’ll love it more it you do. pink will love it if you don’t. 

2. punkpink Meets Security For The Tax Collecting Arm of Uncle Scam.

3. Pride 2011. punkpink tells it like it should be told.

4. Ha Ha He He Oh How Funny We Can Be. (WHAT!!)

5. Who Took The Guerrilla Out Of Guerrilla. Yarn Art Loves Corporate Sleaze. Soon To Hit Hartford.

6. All The Same Now In So Many Ways, Its As Boring As Can Be. Thoughts On National Coming Out Day And A Bit More.

7. and Raisin Pie Oh My! Happy Birthday To Clara Skinner.

8. Waving Goodbye. Crooks, Thief’s, and guess who? Gays up Obama’s Butt, Song About Rich Gays and A Photo of Art.  

9. For Our Young Queer and Anarchist Revolutionaries. 

10. Rant On. Ranters Ranting. Ranting Then, Ranting Now. Ranting For Revolt.

11. My Boss IS A Jerk. What Else Is New.

12. No I don’t want to be like you. Straight as Hell gays. In fact I want nothing to do with you.

13. Do You Have A Stamp?

and of course an essay that just keeps giving which we have just republished on our main page.

Mr. And Mrs. Jones Be Damned. Why Do They Hate Their Gay So Much They Want To Be Straight?

An essay that folks still call up and read.

Those Were The Days. Hot Sex In The City.

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