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There are two important events in Hartford this week and organizers are asking all of those who can come out to come out and join in.

Protest for Luis 2

The first event is a Court House Rally To Drop The Charges Against Luis Anglero Jr. NOW! Here is the facebook information for this rally.

Here is more information:

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Courthouse Rally to Drop the Charges against Luis Anglero Jr. Now!

Wednesday Sept. 3 8am Rally at Luis’s Court hearing
Community Court of Hartford, 80 Washington St, Hartford CT

18 year old Hartford resident Luis Anglero Jr. was tased by Hartford police on Aug. 19. While in the hospital he was charged with “breach of peace” and “interfering with police”. Video and eyewitness reports show Luis is clearly innocent of any crime. Instead it was Officer Shawn Ware that acted in an aggressive and violent manner. We are demanding that the charges against Luis be dropped immediately. Furthermore we are demanding that Officer Shawn Ware be placed under arrest.

What can you do to make sure there is justice for Luis Anglero, Jr. and an end to the use of excessive force by Hartford Police? Hartford area residents, activists, and community organizers are asking that on Tuesday Sept. 2 Call the Mayor, State’s Attorney, and the Hartford Police Department and demand that the charges against Luis be dropped immediately!

Call in Days Tuesday Sept. 2 – Wed Sept.3
1. Call the Mayor’s office (860) 757-9500
2. Call the Hartford Police Department (860) 757-9800
3. Call State’s Attorney Gail P. Hardy, 860-566-3190
Need more info? Contact Chris 860-593-6392

Solidarity With Fast Food Workers!
fast food workers 2
The other event is on for Thursday and is to stand in solidarity with Fast Food Workers here in Hartford and everywhere.
Over the last year and a half, fast-food workers have joined together and held several day-long on strikes across the nation. Their actions have successfully brought the problem of poverty wage jobs into the national consciousness.

Join these brave workers as they fight for fair pay and jobs that improve our community! Fascebook page for times and information is at:

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By Tim Redmond writing in 48 Hills.

Save San Francisco’s Flower Market from Steve Agnos on Vimeo.   By Tim Redmond SEPTEMBER 2, 2014 – The battle to save the Flower Mart could become a very big deal in San Francisco politics….

SEPTEMBER 2, 2014 – The battle to save the Flower Mart could become a very big deal in San Francisco politics.

We covered it in detail here. The issue frames in very clear terms one of the defining land-use questions in the city today: Are blue-collar jobs going to be displaced, freely and without any efforts by the city, in the name of creating office space for tech companies?

Is that what we want for the city? Does it actually make any economic sense?

The video description of the struggle is a great encapsulation of the issues, in just a few minutes. Check it out.

..this is an appropriation collage meaning it has been gleamed from many sources in the service of the people.

“We May Be Fighting A Losing Battle, But We Are Going To Have A Lot of Fun Trying To Win.”…Brownie Mc Ghee

However noble it seems to the liberal crowd the idea behind the new sculpture visiting Bushnell Park and the sculpture itself leave us with more questions than answers. Our jury is still out on if the sculpture is any good or not and we aren’t even going to attempt an art review of this work. But questions yes we have questions swirling around in our head. I am struggling with this gun sculpture idea in the park, with gun buy backs, with pacifism, with the people armed against the state, with the response in Ferguson Mo. by the cops, with who turns in these guns, with what type of guns are turned in, and all the other things that pop up to haunt me around this subject on what I think is just another piece of liberal feel good art of these troubling times.

The idea that stretches back to Ecclesiastes  is more powerful than the work of two hands shaking. The words of the prophet Isaiah  called on nations to beat their  swords into plowshares so the good of growth of nourishment would come from the weapon. Of course the liberals would cry out, “Bread and Roses,” if I attacked the idea of turning guns into jewelry or some form of sculpture. Can’t win in some ways. I don’t know anymore if art is good for the soul of if it is just a tool of the ruling class and the artist a collaborator. Some say that art heals, I know that a good song can move me to take action, to understand its time to move and get something done rather than just sing in the shower. What we need to do is to build on the choir. The older I get the less I know and here and now must salute the young who keep it moving and keep it real. Who are able to tell it like it is and not tire.

Let’s listen to Pete Seeger, Sonny Terry, Brownie McGhee sing Down By The Riverside one of the first anti-war songs that I ever sang along to. One of the first songs that made me feel a part of a whole working towards something that was good. How I believed that if we keep singing those swords would be beaten into plowshares and the spears into pruning hooks

“The government estimates there are more than 310 million guns in America today, nearly enough to arm every man, woman and child in the country.”….

Riot police clear demonstrators from a street in Ferguson

Police in Ferguson Missouri, Juliana Jimenz/Slate

Sometimes I go far to the left with this and fully support what Lenin said about the unarmed Proletariat when the bourgeoisie, the police and army are well supplied. What do we as the people go up against the police or military with our brooms? Our rakes? Loudly singing Kumbaya my lord? Come and save us. Well this person learned a long time ago “No savior from on high delivers.” What do we do and how do we fight against a well armed police, the military, the drones, the tanks, the Long Range Acoustic Device, rubber bullets,bean bag rounds, tear gas, pepper spray water cannons, and bodies covered with gas masks, body armor and carrying riot shields and the biggest weapon of all their fear, hatred and aggression against people they deem not worthy of even living. No one thing that many of us learned years ago the police are not our friends, are not members of the working class but only service the interests of the ruling class and the bourgeoisie. They are indeed enemies of the people and are well supplied.

The  capitalist and their stooges are prepared to use maximum deception, extreme militarization, questionable measures and violence to crush the voices for justice and to defend their rule.

Melt The Guns

Some say, The only positive effect there is from gun buyback programs is that it makes the city officials look like they are doing something worthwhile to help prevent crime, even though they may actually be increasing crime.  Other than that, the programs are useless or negative and should be stopped before any more houses are burglarized for their guns.

A wonderful photo op and a boost in the propaganda of making us all safer.

gun buy back 2

Guns collected in a gun buyback New Jersey. Photo Patti Sapone/Star Ledger

The rifles, pistols and shotguns always look impressive when they’re displayed at news conferences celebrating the end of gun buyback campaigns. Spread across tables or piled high into overflowing stacks, all those weapons reinforce the notion that trading cash for guns works. It gets guns off the street, organizers say, and makes the city safer. Yep, all those guns in the picture above even had me believing for a few seconds.

The problem, according to years of research, is that it does neither.

According to the National Research Council of the National Academies report (Firearms and Violence: A Critical Review) in 2004, the buyback programs’ effect on crime rates is negligible at best.  Their study showed that many of the guns turned in are old, inherited from previous owners or are in need of repair.  Very few of the guns were found to be used in crimes.

“Before a standing army can rule the people must be disarmed. By disarming the people it is easy to enslave them.”

“An oppressed class which does not strive to learn to use arms, to acquire arms, only deserves to be treated like slaves. We cannot, unless we have become bourgeois pacifists or opportunists, forget that we are living in a class society from which there is no way out, nor can there be, save through the class struggle. In every class society, whether based on slavery, serfdom, or, as at present, wage-labor, the oppressor class is always armed.” (1 ) Read the rest of this entry »