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Posted: October 31, 2014 in Call to Action


In from March Against Capitalism. 

May Day is a workers day of solidarity & struggle and a tradition linked backed to The Haymarket Massacre. May 1st marked the start of the Haymarket Affair until the massacre on May 4th. It seems only appropriate that we honor those that were hung by the state for fighting for the people. On Nov. 11th 1887 four anarchists were hung who were involved in the Haymarket Affair. One of the Anarchists yelled out before they were hung “The time will come when our silence will be more powerful than the voices you strangle today!”. I say lets honor these fallen comrades by continuing our battle against the state and capitalism.

Please join us for an anti capitalist march on Tuesday, November 11th. Lets unite on the anniversary of the death of our comrades and make sure their message never fades away.

May Day comes twice this year because capitalism wont abolish itself!

Facebook page for this event.

Cities who will March Against Capitalism:

Seattle WA

Denver CO

Santiago de Chile – South America

Pheonix AZ (marching on Nov. 1st in solidarity)

Youngstown OH

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A photographic archive from Casa Susanna, where family men went to cross-dress for the summer.

An elegant black envelope arrived in my mailbox last week. Inside is a square, burgundy-colored folder containing a catalogue of 1950 and ’60s snapshots. On the cover, an off-white, hand-lettered l…
UPDATE 1:00 AUCTION IS OVER: The lot of photographs just sold at auction for $65,000.

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“The bourgeois parasites are hurting the people’s health.”
CARACAS (Reuters) – President Nicolas Maduro’s government said on Thursday it had taken over warehouses around Venezuela crammed with medical goods…

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Friday October 24, 6:30 Pm

Charter Oak Cultural Center

21 Charter Oak Ave. Hartford Ct.

Join members of FANG: Fighting Against Natural Gas and Burrillville Against Spectra Expansion – BASE to hear about the fight against one of the biggest fossil fuel expansion projects in New England.

Spectra Energy wants to spend $5 Billion of public money to expand their New England fracked-gas pipeline system. Much of this gas would be sent to LNG facilities in Canada where it will be exported overseas. It’s time for renewable energy, not more fossil fuels.

We will be presenting information about the pipeline projects, why they’re a bad idea, the alternatives available and how you can join the resistance movement.

There is no charge for this event, but donations are welcomed.  Facebook page for this event: