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Friday October 24, 6:30 Pm

Charter Oak Cultural Center

21 Charter Oak Ave. Hartford Ct.

Join members of FANG: Fighting Against Natural Gas and Burrillville Against Spectra Expansion – BASE to hear about the fight against one of the biggest fossil fuel expansion projects in New England.

Spectra Energy wants to spend $5 Billion of public money to expand their New England fracked-gas pipeline system. Much of this gas would be sent to LNG facilities in Canada where it will be exported overseas. It’s time for renewable energy, not more fossil fuels.

We will be presenting information about the pipeline projects, why they’re a bad idea, the alternatives available and how you can join the resistance movement.

There is no charge for this event, but donations are welcomed.  Facebook page for this event: 



Friday, Oct. 24

Join the Black Agenda Report Team on Friday Oct. 24 at Harlem’s Historic Riverside Church For Our 8th Anniversary Celebration

Join us Friday, October 24 at Harlem’s historic Riverside Church, as the Riverside Church Social Justice Ministry & Black Agenda Report proudly presents

After Ferguson: Naming Names, Refuting Shame, Human Rights VS the Police State & the Black Political Class

For more information:

Read the recent article on the U.S. response to the Ebola outbreak from BAR Executive Editor, Glen Ford:

Saturday, Oct 25

End U.S. Wars Around the World and at Home

A panel discussion sponsored by New York City UNAC. Saturday October 25 at 2 PM, Manhattan Theater Club, studio 3, 311 W. 43rd, St. 6th Floor, Manhattan, NY. More information to follow.  Panel discussion with: Margaret Kimberley of Black Agenda Report, Sara Flounders of the International Action coalition, Bernadette Ellorin of BAYAN USA, Larry Adams of People’s Organization for Progress, Greg Butterfield, recently returned from Ukraine, a Palestinian speaker.

Join the Facebook event:

Saturday, Nov 1

Rally and March to the White House

Join the rally and March to the White House being organized by the Black is Back Coalition called, “peace through Revolution.” Saturday, Nov. 1. Gather at 12 noon at Malcolm X Park and march to the White House.

For more information:

Sunday, Nov 2

Fighting for Peace: US Intervention in the Philippines and the People’s Resistance

A Webinar Report-back

Sunday, November 2, 2014

3pm Pacific/5pm Central/6pm Eastern

Register here to participate online:

New York Location TBD


Amirah Lidasan, Spokesperson for Suara Bangsamoro (Voice of the Moro People)

Ramon Mejia, Iraq Veterans Against the War

Juyeon Rhee, Nodutdol for Korean Community Development

News of the murder of Filipina transwoman Jennifer Laude on October 11 by a suspected US Marine in Olongapo City has put the question of US military presence in the Philippines via the Visiting Forces Agreement under international scrutiny.

This past summer 3 peace activists from the US– a veteran of the US invasion of Iraq, and 2 activists with the US Out of Asia-Pacific Coalition– traveled to Mindanao in the Southern Philippines to see the face of increasing US militarization, counterinsurgency, and people’s resistance on the ground. There they spent time with peasant and indigenous communities, and the Bangsamoro, an oppressed Muslim minority in the country struggling for self-determination despite a strong US pacification campaign. Come listen as they report back on their findings. Discuss ways to support grassroots communities in the Philippines defending themselves from state-sponsored violence, militarization and intervention.

Sponsored by: BAYAN USA /  International League of Peoples Struggle /  Iraq Veterans Against the War / US Out of Asia-Pacific Coalition.  For more Read the rest of this entry »

In today from the SumOf Us. This most disgusting news concerning Monsanto. First the good news concerning the ” Monsanto Law” which the high court in Guatemala struck down. We received this news from

Guatemalan court suspends “Monsanto Law” with these opening lines.

Guatemalan court suspends “Monsanto Law” Move follows protests by social movements and peasants. Bill would legalise plant breeders’ rights in this country. By the LaVoz editors The Constitutional Court (CC), the highest legal body of Guatemala, provisionally suspended today the entry into force of the controversial “Monsanto Law” which would legalise property rights over plant varieties in Guatemala, official sources said. The decision was adopted by the magistrates after a writ of amparo was filed by the Guatemalan Union, Indigineous and Peasant Movement, which demanded a derogation on grounds that the law would harm the country. The resolution of the Court says that the article stipulating the law’s entry into force as of 26 September is now suspended. – See more at:

Today we received the email that Monsanto is going to fight for the right to control the use of seeds calling them their intellectual property.

What happens when small farmers in Guatemala save seeds from one year to the next, as they have for centuries? They get up to four years in prison.

That’s according to the “Monsanto Law,” which was recently struck down by Guatemala’s highest court.

But now Monsanto is saying the law is required under free trade deals, and it’s likely only a matter of time before it launches a wave of lawsuits to force Guatemala to give in.

Developing nations like Guatemala have no chance against a corporate superpower like Monsanto — that’s why we’re standing with Guatemala and fighting to stop the expansion of trade deals that allow this kind of bullying.

For centuries, farmers have saved seeds from one year to the next. But Monsanto now claims that seeds are its intellectual property — and it will use trade deals to force countries like Guatemala to give in no matter what their courts say about it.

This is a classic example of how Monsanto and other multinational corporations use trade agreements to bully sovereign governments — and as we speak, it’s pushing for new trade deals like the TTIP and the TPP, which would expand its powers to stampede over the rights of people even more.

That’s where we come in. SumOfUs was created to leverage the global consumer power of our 5 million members to take on multinational corporations that have gotten too big for any of us to take on alone.

Check out more from SumOf us. SumOfUs is a movement of consumers, workers and shareholders speaking with one voice to counterbalance the growing power of large corporations. Join us on our journey as we seek to make the world a better place for ourselves, our children and all who share our planet.

What can we say? We touched on this awhile back with the whitewashed panel of artists here in Hartford Ct. and got ourselves in a tad bit of trouble. Check out this article to add to the discussion that no one really wants to have but everyone knows that there is a big white elephant in the room. Many thanks to our comrade Kay Kersplebedeb  for sending this article along via our facebook page and many thanks to Roberto A. Ferdman for writing the article.

Santana/AP Photo
The thing about racial diversity among working artists in America is that it doesn’t exist.
A shake of our head to these opening lines:

The thing about racial diversity among working artists in America is that it pretty much doesn’t exist.

Nearly four out of every five people who make a living in the arts in this country are white, according to an analysis of 2012 Census Bureau data by BFAMFAPhD, a collective of artists dedicated to understanding the rising cost of artistry. The study, which surveyed more than 1.4 million people whose primary earnings come from working as an artist, represents a broad population of creative types in the country, and reveals a number of troubling truths.

In today. More injustice in Palestine.

Attacks on the fall harvest are a key way that Palestinians are forced out of their homes and their lands confiscated for settlement construction, as the loss of a…

UPDATE: Jane is being denied her gender expression as a girl. DCF says no long hair, no makeup. Jane is being referred to by male pronouns and her birth name. Stay tuned for more updates on this.
Lawsuit: Detained Transgender Teen Treated as Boy
Lawyers for a 16-year-old transgender girl detained in Connecticut say she’s being forced to wear male clothing and officials are calling her by her male birth name. The allegations come in a revised federal…